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Intel buys car technology from Mobileye

Self – driving cars are challenging the currently automotive industry. The next wave of technology is expected to be in the system that allows transportation to reach new levels of convenience. With Intel’s interest in technological advances, is a finalized deal with Mobileye, an Israeli company which has created autonomous driving systems.

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Used Cars?

A practical, stable and stylish vehicle is within your reach. If you are looking at new transportation, then you will also want to consider the dynamics of buying a new or used vehicle. Many believe that buying used is one which will lead to issues; however, a new car may be out of your budget. If you want the best of budget and quality, then you can keep these concepts in mind for your transportation upgrade.

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What You Should Know About Bitcoin

As technology advances, possibilities grow with financial innovation, such as new currency exchange. Bitcoin, a popular form of digital currency, is one of the trending financial solutions now changing how exchange is used. This currency is created electronically and is offered in digital formats. The introduction of Bitcoin is one that is changing the way the world uses currency.

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10+ Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Your ability to reach customers determines the success of your business. If you are working...

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The Fast Growing Business of Atlanta

Certain State hubs within America stand against competitors with their capacity for growth...

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Municipal Communication Announces Tower Completion

As a part of the modern expansion in the heart of Georgia, a new tower has arisen to support...

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